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Finer Options For the Perfect Nail Art

Finer Options For the Perfect Nail Art

The key to a nice nail art is to make it on pretty hands. Before you start really, prepare your hands. We file the nails (rather with a fine-grained file) to draw their shape and put them to the same length. Then we use cuticle oil and we massage the nails. We finish by moisturizing the hands with a non-greasy cream.

Group the tools

In order not to waste time looking for the right tools / varnishes (and risk of damaging the design by touching an object), we group together on the table everything we need: tools, products, varnish. If necessary, the varnish is left open just for the manicure, because some steps need to be done. From komilfoyou would get the best deal there.

Make a palette

Before proceeding to the realization on the nail, one tests the harmonies of colors on a piece of aluminum paper which serves us of pallet.

Respect the basics

It seems obvious, but it is repeated in case: no nail art without base or top coat. For the latter, it is expected that the varnish is dry before putting it, so as not to risk damaging the pattern.

Use a white varnish as a backdrop

The white lacquer can bring out the colors: we do not hesitate to start with one or two layers of white before drawing the pattern.

Clean tools

It is thought to prepare a small cup with solvent to clean the brushes between each change of color of varnish.

Release the painter who is in us

Rather than trying to reproduce an identical pattern on each nail (which, let’s face it, is not easy), we diversify the pattern for each finger.

Find the right method

A rule of thumb: in nail art, there are ways to do it, but the best is still to find the technique with which one is comfortable. So, if we prefer to move the fingers rather than move the brush to draw lines, that’s fine.

Healing the details

At the end of the nail art, we think to clean the edges of the nail with a brush with details dipped in solvent. The result must be impeccable!

  • Nail stickers are decorations in the form of patches, sticking to the nail. This fashion from Asia is happy at a cheap price. Your manicures are embellished thanks to the stickers and you dress your nails for your parties disguised or themed. They are also used to hide small defects after applying polish.
  • Some cover the entire surface of the nail, others only one part. The stickers can be used on the nails of children; they are the joy of girls for custom nails.

Stickers and nails patches adhere to the nail while water decal is a decal to apply with water, drying allows it to adhere to the surface. Its advantage is to be able to move it as long as it is not dry and its rendering is more natural (no plastic film). Self-adhesive stencils are harder to apply than simple stickers, but the result is quality.Spiral stencils are more difficult to apply but once you master the technique, the result is perfect.

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