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Plastik Surgery Precipitous Section Become A Word Beauty Trend

plastic surgeon in maryland is generally done for the sake of a better and attractive appearance, especially for the body parts that are often exposed including the face. Going forward, the trend of plastic surgery is not only loved to ‘polish’ the face permanently but also the body parts that rarely ‘appear’ like the navel.

It’s true the navel will not be seen unless people wear cropped top or sports clothes that in fact looks more like a bra. However, Darren Smith, a plastic surgeon in New York said the navel is a very important cosmetic feature on the abdomen.

“I see an increase in the number of patients interested in the aesthetic navel,” Darren said quoted from Allure, some time ago.

Then, why should people bother dressing up this invisible thing? There are many reasons. Melissa Doft, a plastic surgeon in New York says most of them do not like the shape. In addition, Melissa continued, patients are also interested in restoring their navel shape after pregnancy, abdominal or abdominal surgery, and after losing large amounts of weight.

There are three types of procedures in naval operation namely umbilicoplasty, umbilical hernia, and tummy tuck.

Umbilicoplasty is a procedure to change the size and shape of the navel. Darren explained, the navel is too big can be made smaller by lifting the excess skin on the navel and tighten the abdominal skin around the navel. At a rather small navel, this procedure is more difficult to do.

Umbilicoplasty suitable for new moms. After a period of pregnancy, the stomach becomes tender and has an effect on the shape of the navel. In addition, this operation can improve post-pierced navel shape.

“I think there is an increase in demand for navel operation to restore the shape of the navel after piercing,” said Eric Chang, a plastic surgeon at The Institute for Advanced Reconstruction. “If I can say to anyone about anything, I want to say no to their navel piercing. minimal. It does not take long for a postoperative healing period.

An umbilical hernia or umbilical hernia repair is a more complicated procedure than umbilicoplasty. According to Darren, the procedure is done with tissue conditions, usually fat, pushing a small hole in the abdominal wall. This results in protruding out and looking abnormal.

“The umbilical hernia procedure can prevent the small intestine from pushing your stomach and allowing it to avoid defects,” explains Melissa.

Post-procedure, the patient is prohibited from doing anything that can cause pressure on the inner abdomen. The patient should continue to consult a physician during the healing period.

The third procedure is the tummy tuck. Actually, this procedure is not targeted directly at the navel. The tummy tuck is an operation to remove excess skin or help restore abdominal muscles. This procedure can reshape the patient’s navel. The healing period is fairly long which is about six weeks before the patient is actually allowed to move.

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