A few things you should know before purchasing a package for free phone calls

If you want to allow your clients and customers to use free phone calls you will need to use 0800 phone numbers. In this way, you will not only boost the number of calls you’ll get. This is also a nice way to evaluate the popularity and strengths of each of your services and products.

There are different packages for 0800 phone numbers, so before choosing one it is the best idea to learn more about their features. Whenever someone calls a 0800 phone number, you can redirect their calls to any mobile number of landline you want. So, if you opt for this solution you don’t have to use a dedicated line, you can use any phone line you want even the one you are using for receiving ordinary phone calls.

Before purchasing a 0800 phone number for free phone calls, make sure to find the best match for your needs. It’s good to know that in case most of your work is B2B, then you probably won’t need such phone number because phone call costs are not a major concern for most companies.

In case you are purchasing 0800 numbers over the Internet, make sure that you write down the address of the company. There are many shady telecom resellers out there, so people need to be careful. Look for providers that have addresses and other basic information that can help you in case something goes wrong.

It is also highly recommended to spend more time reading the deal you’ve made before accepting it. Compare the prices of a few 0800 number providers before making your final decision. Be prepared to pay a rental fee, setup fee and more.

It’s also a good option to look for a provider that doesn’t round the calls up to the closest minute. In order to avoid situations like this, you could ask for itemized bills so you can get a clear view of everything you are paying for.

0800 phone numbers can be redirected to both landlines and mobile phone numbers, but in most cases, you will need to pay more if you redirect them to a mobile so be prepared for this.

Finally, look for a 0800 phone number that is movable. We all know that modern companies often move from one location to another and having a movable 0800 phone number is always a smart idea.

Ford Hybrid & EVs

At  Acton Ford, we love our cars! Our staff buys the cars from our lot, because Ford offers the best combination of performance, style, and price that it’s sales extend all over the world. One of our own, Gordon Chan leased a 2014 C-Max Energi Plug-in Hybrid for thirteen months and fourteen thousand miles later, thanks to his leasing terms he made the switch to a 2014 Fusion Energi Plug-in with minimum additional cost and same monthly payments! I sat down with Mr. Chan to discuss his switch from the C-Max and we discussed a few differences that motivated this swap. In doing so, we came up with some important feedback for Ford and its customers choosing between the two. We weighed out the differences in style, class, performance, and cargo and arrived at the fact that the swap boiled down to the simple breakdown of priorities, and how they are reflected in the two vehicles.

What is your summary of your experience with the C-max Energi? What sort of qualities does this car have?

The C-Max Energi saw regular use in my day to day life. As you can imagine with more than a one thousand miles ticking away a month, I used it to commute to work, and run errands. Since the plug-in hybrids use a larger battery, some cargo space is lost to the lithium giant hiding behind the rear seats. But I found it more than adequate to carry medium size items as well as carry large amounts of groceries from the wholesale club that I go to.  Sitting in the car, always felt like I had a commanding view of the road, partly because of the visibility out of the side windows. While the view was nice, I can help but feel like the higher  ride height attributed to the Crossover-like handling properties, which were ate times slightly clumsy. The thing I enjoyed most about my C-Max Energi was the fuel economy. My lifetime average MPGe was about 109MPG with most of my miles traveled under electric power.

Gordon’s Lifetime MPG Summary!

What motivated the swap from the C-Max Energi to the Fusion Energi? What did the C-Max Plug-in lack, that the Fusion Energi Plug-in makes up for?

Working in the car business, I always have a good sense of when the timing is right to get into a new car. After the great experience I had with the C-Max Energi, I was excited to try something different. I was particularly attracted to the performance, handling, and style of the Fusion Energi. Like the C-Max Energi, I’m off to a great start with my fuel economy, but I feel like the handling and cornering on backgrounds is much better in the Fusion Energi.  Although the cargo room is a little more restrictive, I still have plenty of room for my groceries and day to day errands. Because the lease deals are so strong, I was also motivated by the opportunity to get into a newer car for a similar payment.  All and all, both cars are great, but the real test for me is my fuel economy over a similar mileage period. I do plan to blog about it, so hopefully I can update everyone as I go.

Whats your summery of your experience  the 2014 Fusion Plug-in? What sort of characteristics did you observe?

The 2014 Fusion Plug-in sets a standard for plug in hybrids. I love the look of the car and  I think the interior console and dash layout is more ergonomic and more accessible than that of the C-Max. The sedan qualities  gave me a better feel for speed, and a sportier ride. So far the Fusion suits me better because I’m willing to sacrifice a little cargo room, for a more comfortable ride. Again, the key for me is going to be MPG. I’ll be sure to report that out through the blog.

Cloud telephony is a convenient solution for communication

Despite the continuous creation of new ways of communication, telephone communication remains one of the most popular services, because it is a convenient means for exchange of information both in business and in personal communication.
However, the introduction of new technologies led to the creation of cloud telephony with all the features of analogue and a number of features that are not available to traditional telephony and that are able to significantly expand possibilities of communication, to make it more accessible and more convenient to use.

What is cloud telephony?

Cloud telephony is a communication technology, including all kinds of phone services communication, among which are the following:

Virtual phone numbers – this service allows you to receive calls, SMS messages and faxes, dependent on the selected number type.
Virtual phone numbers can be mobile or direct, multi-channel, such as Toll Free 800 number that is available in many countries and does not require the purchase of the SIM card or the installation of telephone lines;
Virtual PBX is a complex service, that by default includes free virtual number with a number of additional services to choose from, and unlimited SIP account and free business calls within the network;
VoIP calls service that allows you to make cheap outbound calls using a SIP app or IP phone;
Additional services are designed to enhance the functionality of virtual numbers that are useful for business and for personal purposes.
The main feature and at the same time the advantage of cloud telephony is that its use does not need to install special equipment to carry out phone line or buy a SIM card, which makes it much more profitable than analog means of telephone.

The advantages of using cloud telephony .

Connecting cloud telephony you will see that it is much more comfortable and more economical to use than an analog one and has a number of advantages, among which:
There is no need to purchase a SIM-card, extra hardware or installation of phone lines, means- savings and space;
The opportunity to purchase a virtual number in the country and be available for local residents while abroad;
All telephony services to the cloud are secured for the party, not tied to a specific address- if necessary, you can easily change office;
The ability to configure call forwarding to a convenient direction, and if necessary- to change the settings in the personal account online or contact technical support;
The cost of outgoing calls abroad is much lower than for providers of traditional telephone communication.

What Smoke In The Exhaust Means

Cars are built better and more durable today than ever before. But, things continue to go wrong and can lead to expensive repairs (not to mention frustration). Sometimes, while driving, your car will start spewing spoke from the exhaust. That can imply a number of potential issues under the hood. In this article, I’ll explain the types of smoke you might see, how to figure out what the problem is, and ultimately, what you should do about it.

Different Colors

If you notice smoke coming from your vehicle’s exhaust, it will most likely be 1 of 3 colors: white, black, or blue. If it’s blue, you have a problem. It usually means that oil is burning in your engine for some reason. In my experience, it’s often caused by bad piston rings. But, the blue smoke can also result from a broken cylinder or a problem in the valve guide.

White smoke isn’t much better. It often happens as a result of burning transmission fluid when the fluid leaks into the engine through a hose. Burning coolant can also cause the problem if your cylinder head is cracked or broken, or your head gasket has developed a leak. Finally, black smoke has a couple of potential causes, depending on the kind of car you’re driving. If it’s an older model that uses a carburetor, the choke plate can stick. Otherwise, the fuel injection system may have sprung a leak or the air filter may be filthy and congested.

Diagnosing The Problem

Besides the color of the smoke, there are other signs that a problem may be lurking in the bowels of your vehicle. For example, if the smoke is blue, it will usually smell like burning toast. Check your oil to make sure it’s full and look at the pistons to see whether they’re worn or broken. Burning transmission fluid smells the same way. Similar to the oil, check the levels and replenish the fluid as needed. While the hood is up, look at the vacuum hose that goes from your transmission to your engine. If there’s fluid inside, you may need to buy a new modulator valve. If coolant is burning, you’ll notice a mildly sweet odor. You can identify whether the issue is with the head gasket or cylinder by pressure testing the cooling system.

Black smoke is usually the easiest to diagnose. If your vehicle is using a carburetor, check the choke plate to see whether it’s sticking. Otherwise, test the pressure of your fuel injection system and take a quick look at your air filter. If it’s clogged, replace it.

Fixing The Problem

If you’re handy with car parts, doing the repair work associated with black smoke won’t pose a challenge. On the other hand, if you’re noticing white or blue smoke, take your vehicle to a repair shop that you trust. The mechanics may need to overhaul the car engine or remove the cylinder head. It’s better to have trained hands performing those jobs.